We’ve spent 9 months in California and it was amazing! It was really good experience working in a small office again, in other words building something from scratch. When we arrived to Los Angeles, it was only one employee in the office (and in the US) and now Adform has two offices (NY and LA) and bunch of people in them. The second great things was definitely weather, how could you not like when it’s always (almost) sunny and it’s never too hot or too cold. It rains several times a year, usually during the winter (December – February), but it’s more that you wait for rain rather than hate it. So having such great conditions it was really easy to travel as every weekend was perfect for anything (road trip, camping, Vegas trip.. you name it).

We tried to do as much travelling as possible during those 9 months we spent in US and managed to visit lots of places in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii states. To name a few: Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Grand Canyon, Catalina Island, Point Dume, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Sequoia forest, Maui (Hawaii), New York, San Diego, Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear and many more.

Some photos:

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