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Currently in New Zealand Vilnius > Istanbul (Turkey) > São Paulo (Brazil) > Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) > Manaus (Brazil) > Amazon jungle (Brazil) > Ilha Grande (Brazil) > Paraty (Brazil) > Curitiba (Brazil) > Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) > Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) > Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Californian dream

We’ve spent 9 months in California and it was amazing! It was really good experience working in a small office again, in other words building something from scratch. When we arrived to Los Angeles, it was only one employee in the office (and in the


Idea of travelling around the world

So how did it start? We’ve been thinking about travelling the world for some time, but it always seemed to be too complicated to achieve – not enough time, not enough money etc. However around 2 years we’ve decided that we have to do it


Unexpected surprise from British airways

I’d never expected too much from Airline loyalty programs, however British Airways had a nice surprise when we need to book a flight across Pacific. So what happened? We’ve been looking for the best way to cross Pacific from South America to either New Zealand